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AS2Secure 0.9.0

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February 14, 2011
Sebastien Malot | (more products)
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Description of AS2Secure 0.9.0

Send AS2 messages using SMIME encryption format
The AS2Secure Project allows you to send AS2 (for Applicability Statement 2) messages using SMIME encryption format. Based on OpenSSL Lib, your can sign and/or encrypt files to send them over unsecured protocol such as HTTP with the security of HTTPS.

AS2 helps users connect, deliver, validate and reply to data that trading partners move securely through the Internet. This protocol thereby establishes a standard point-to-point connection in B2B (Business to Business) document transactions. Stated another way, AS2 provides the means by which vendor applications communicate EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) documents, or other data such as XML, over the Internet using HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). Further, AS2 defines a security system that wraps the data in an envelope with a digital certificate.

Key features

• Asynchronous and synchronous MDN
• Partner setup
• Digital signatures
• Message encryption
• Secure transport (SSL)
• Support for SSL client authentication
• Multiple attachments (AS2 1.2)
• ZLib compression (external module written in Java - AS 1.1)

Editor's review for AS2Secure

Internet security is a big issue for basically everyone, no matter if you are simply a user or if you are an advanced webmaster keeping everything safe and secure can be a big task. When it comes to the back end of a website there are a few different ways to make sure everything is secured; AS2Secure is one such project. AS2Secure is essentially a new and unique way to encrypt and protect basically any user data without needing a strictly secure connection.

AS2Secure is really a very interesting encryption security system for websites and servers; thanks to the way the AS2Secure protocol was created it can create a fully encrypted connection even when using unsecure protocols as well. The security offered by AS2Secure is matched only by more advanced security system, many of which are difficult or impossible to set up with certain websites and servers.

If you are looking for a way to completely secure a login, form, or other data on your website then look no further than AS2Secure. The level of security is incredible and AS2Secure is even quite easy to install. Because AS2Secure uses completely open source software it won’t even cost anything to implement on your website. Thanks to AS2Secure you can quickly and easily have enterprise levels of security on basically any website for free.

Overall there really aren’t many options available for encrypting web data and connections; other than the much more complicated and expensive professional solutions, AS2Secure is one of the highest levels of security that you can achieve on basically any website. Go ahead and try out AS2Secure on your website today; you’ll be truly amazed by the security and encryption offered by such a small security system.

Perhaps the best part that AS2Secure is completely free and continuously being updated in order to maintain the level of security desired by webmasters.

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