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Boson NetSim for CCNA 7.02

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November 28, 2009
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Description of Boson NetSim for CCNA 7.02

Simulate Cisco network with ease
The Boson NetSim for CCNA is the most powerful and versatile Cisco network simulation software available for IT professionals seeking CCNA certification. NetSims Virtual Packet Technology sets it apart because it actually simulates the functions of a real network - a real network that you can design yourself.

Key features

• Hands-on experience without the hardware
• A Network Designer that supports 44 different router and switch types
• Up to 200 devices per network
• Virtual Packet Technology: software-created packets that are routed and switched through the simulated network
• Ability to populate the WAN slots with a broad range of Network Modules
• A telnet interface that allows you to configure the devices using your favorite telnet program
• Functionality of a full rack of equipment on your laptop
• Automatic lab-grading capability
• Ability to load and save your network configurations
• Ability to paste real router configs into the devices
• Ability to configure your own ISDN and Frame Relay switch mappings
• Benefit of connecting your devices over simulated WANs without expensive ISP gear
• Support for IPv6 addressing

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