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October 13, 2009
Chemstations | (more products)
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Description of CHEMCAD

A suite of chemical process simulation software
The latest version of CHEMCAD builds on our commitment to innovation, integration, and open architecture with significan't improvements in both the graphical user interface and the core engineering functionality of the program. Almost three years of effort, hundreds of hours of customer interviews, and decades of internal experience were focused to deliver a state-of-the-art process simulation package that seamlessly integrates into the wider chemical engineering computing environment.

Current and new users will appreciate the usability, flowsheet convergence, and extensibility enhancements.

Key features

• Graphical User Interface - All new, designed from user goal analysis. Easy access to all simulation data in a multi pane environment. Drawing, editing, and PFD preparation all done from a single mode. Unit operation icons completely redesigned to modern standards.
• File Structure - Greatly simplified, single file structure for simulations. Streamlined for intra- and inter-organizational collaboration.
• Thermodynamics Databases - Improved structure for storing, retrieving, and sharing user chemicals, BIPs, and electrolyte reaction data.
• Stream & UnitOp Templates - Enter a commonly used stream or UnitOp configuration once and have it available for future simulations.
• Distillation Convergence - Improved to ensure convergences on difficult systems without estimates.

User reviews

install chemcad
by ukeme udom on August 18th 2011, 04:53
chem cad is build to innovate and integrate and also simulate chemical plant using material and energy balance to produce result.
very good
by sizwe makh on July 9th 2011, 15:23
The download was good, no problems were faced so I can say the website is user friendly and easy to use

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