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DNS Jumper 2.1

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January 9, 2017
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Description of DNS Jumper 2.1

Change your DNS with one click
If you want to change your DNS settings with one click, DNS Jumper is the best and easiest solution for you. It's freeware and portable ( does not need installation ). As you probably know, Google announced that they have released public DNS servers in order to to speed up computer user access to the Internet resources while surfing.

Changing the DNS on your network settings is not the easiest task, so DNS Jumper comes to save the day.

Key features

• you can choose your network card
• add/modify custom DNS
• you can change the language
• customize DNS manually
• benchmark DNS IPs and measure time reaction
• flush DNS button available
• test the fastest DNS

DNS Jumper video preview

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What is new in version 2.1

• [Fixed] – Changing Custom Text size (DPI) messes up the DnsJumper’s texts
• [Fixed] – Dns jumper.exe /? parameter window is cutting the text off
• [Fixed] – Windows 10 1607 make DnsJumper’s icons blurry
• [Fixed] – Minimized tray icon help section causes DnsJumper toFreeze
• [Fixed] – Dns Jumper can’t show some Network Adapter name Properly
• [Fixed] – Dns Jumper startup reg BUG (Instead of 32 bit write 64 bit registry hive)
• [Fixed] – UPX causes Minor latency (No UPX used)
• [Fixed] – Minor Bugs of codes
• [Added] – New parameters (Ipv4/Ipv6 support…)

User reviews

by ufuk on November 16th 2010, 18:18
Perfect app for anything about DNS.
by paquet on October 8th 2010, 17:03
Merci! A super application that everyone should use

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