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Easy Login Assist 7.9

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October 25, 2011
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Description of Easy Login Assist 7.9

Automatically fill in login form. Manage and protect your privacy
Easy Login Assist is a powerful and easy to use auto-login utility designed to help you to automatically fill in login form, manage and protect your privacy data safely.One keystroke to auto-login to websites (Portal, Mail, Forum, Bank, Intranet etc) or applications (Game, IM etc). Login protections to prevent thefts of Trojan or spyware. Safely manage your private Account, Contact, Memo, Privacy Files in catalogs with functions of bookmark, searching, edit-protection, login tracking, icon customization, database log etc.

Builtin rich-format memo editor which supports picture, OLE2 etc. User database local stored or web stored with hardware binding (Machine, USB disk or Web Disk) to ensure your data not be stolen by others. Database encrypted by master password with industry-intensity encryption algorithms (AES, RC2, RC4, DES, 3DES, CYLINK_MEK etc). Database auto-lock protection, runtime protection, backup and restore. Auto-reminder tool to alert you in time on new email arrived, or privacy account data expired, or other things you set. File encryption tool to either encrypt disk files direct in place, or zip and encrypt files or folder to an archive. Password generator to create random password with any length and is harder to compromise. Computer management toolbox to manage hardware or software in your computer easily.

Privacy favorites to mange your frequent-visited websites easily. By installing Easy Login Assist program and your database into a USB disk, you can take it to use anywhere safely. Powerful customization on login rule so as to meet almost any login scenarios. You can either redefine login hotkey and color-scheme of UI according to your habits.

Key features

• Auto Login - One key to auto login to website (Portal, Mail, Forum, Online Bank, Intranet etc) or application (Online Game, Instant Messaging, Enterprise Client etc).
• Login Protection - Auto identify login website or application to resist fraud or camouflage. Auto protect login process to prevent thefts of Trojan or spyware.
• User Data Encryption - All user data are local stored in private format. User database is dual-encrypted by hardware binding (Computer or USB Device) and master password, and adopt industry-intensity encryption algorithms (AES, RC2, RC4, DES, 3DES, CYLINK_MEK etc) to ensure its safety.
• User Data Protection - Provide multiple database protections (such as auto-lock protect, operation-security protect, safety backup etc) to avoid data leaking or losing.
• Privacy Data Management - Safety manage multiple kinds of privacy data (Login Card, Account Card, Memo Card, Contact Card). All data are auto-encrypted and organized in folder which can be defined freely.
• Privacy File Management - Safety manage user any privacy files. Privacy files are auto-compressed and encrypted. Support batch import, direct view, export, re-import etc.
• Safety Utility - Safety management utilities such as bookmark, search, quick copy, drag & drop, editing protect, keyboard-input protect, auto-prompt for expired, auto-track login date and times etc.
• Icon Self-Definition - Icon of folder or record can be self-defined, and you can extract icon from any files or websites.
• Information Picker - Auto pick informations related to the catch point, such as window, URL or application path, coordainate, color, process etc. Give helps for field-filling of Login Card.
• Built-In Editor - Built-in RTF editor provided for memo text, which has rich text format and supports inserting of picture, OLE2 etc.
• System Log - Auto-log any changes to user data and synchronously save logs to disk file.
• File Encryption - Complete solution for file encryption. You can quick encrypt or decrypt disk file in place, or compress and encrypt files or whole folder to an archive. Industry-intensity encryption algorithms adopted in file encryption.
• Password Generator - Create random password with any length and is harder to compromise.
• Security Portable - Portable wizard for you to install this product and bind user database to portable device. Thus to get more safety and convenience.
• Powerful Customization - With powerful customization of several login rules to meet almost any login place. With customization of system hotkey and UI operation to meet your habits.
• High performance - Support for mainstream Web browsers such as Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Maxthon etc, with no plug-in and not occupy any resources of browser.

Editor's review for Easy Login Assist

The Easy Login Assist is a rather admirable and potent software which manages your personal and private data as well as enables you to automatically fill this data into online forms. Thus, your information is fed into the form at a single click, thereby increasing your effective productivity and helping you to generate more revenue. The more forms you are able to fill in, the more available time you have which will help you to obviously increase your income. Form filling is a tedious time consuming job which you can now do with one single click, thus the monotony of filling in your personal information in every form is done away with when you use the help of the Easy Login Assist software.

This software enables you to log into any website or your particular account in a very secure manner as well. The management of your contacts or your passwords is well manipulated by the security provisions of this software. The Easy Login Assist software is very reliable because it is free from any adware or spyware and there is no need for any plug-ins to operate. It gives you the facility to automatically login to any website or even an application on your PC. In a nutshell, there is complete and comprehensive security when you use Easy Login Assist to login.

Even the free download of this Easy Login Assist software gives you total security. After the trial period and after being fully convinced of its superlative features, to enjoy the full capabilities of this software you will have to purchase it. A purchase of Easy Login Assist actually guarantees you free comprehensive support from the technical staff which is very helpful.

If you are one of those who want to securely manage your confidential data and do away with the tedious monotony of form filing, Easy Login Assist is a program not to be missed.

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