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Exe Icon Changer 6.4985

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February 1, 2009
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Description of Exe Icon Changer 6.4985

Change or extract icon in exe or dll files
The tool can replace the icon in the executable file easily very much ! Even the executable file compressed or the size of the icon is inconsistent, he can replace easily ! It can also change the icon of other executable file types such as Dll, Ocx, Scr and so on. The icon of folder and driver can be changed by Exe Icon Changer too.

If you want to extract and save the icons in exe file, Exe Icons Changer will be your first choice. It can save the icon as two formats: bmp and ico.

Key features

• Replace all kinds of executable Icons and permit to take place of any icons in different sizes. The substitute Icons can be chosen from Icon files or other executable files.
• Find out all icons from the executable files and save them with Icon type (*.ico) or Bitmap type (*.bmp).
• The functions of backup and restoring icon.
• Change the icons of folders or drivers .

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