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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Patch 1.2

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October 31, 2011
Konami | (more products)
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Description of Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Patch 1.2

The newest Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 patch update
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is next version of very popular football simulator produced by Konami. Konami studio's game attracts a lot of gamers in front of their monitors.

With this update you can make sure that your game runs smooth and you can benefit from the gorgeous gameplay without any annoying bugs.

Key features

• Total Control: The PES Production team has enhanced the 360-degree passing ratio, offering unprecedented levels of control over every pass, shot, headed ball, throw-in and through ball. This allows users to pass the ball into space, and move their play with total freedom. Players must precisely weight their passes and second-guess the runs of their teammates and exploit their movement, while lofted through-balls have accuracy.
• Shot Stamina Gauge: In addition to the generic power gauge, the Shot Stamina meter details the player's exact level of fitness. Constantly sprinting will affect the player's movements and will have an adverse affect on his stats, with passes going awry and a loss of pace.
• Defender AI: Players now also hold their positions naturally, no longer chasing any ball that enters their area; preferring to close down the attacker and force them into a mistake.
• Animation and Player Physics: The PES Production team has totally reworked every element of in-game animation. These additions will become clear before even kick-off, with the players enjoying fluid, natural movements, with more realistic acceleration and inertia than ever before. The physicality between players is also improved, which was a priority requested in PES forums. Jostling and blocking now looks stunning, while there is a larger variety of convincing tackling styles. Ambient animation also adds to the in-game atmosphere, as players adapt their running and movement styles in line with play.
• Speed of Play: The new level of control means that the game enjoys a more considered pace of play, which varies dependent on situations. The game will burst into life as counter-attacks come into play, but players can dictate the pace via slow build up or exploiting available space to surge forward. It is harder to make long runs from midfield, and successful play will depend on making quick passes to make room.
• Improved Goalkeepers: In keeping with the basis of total freedom of movement, players now have more control over their 'keeper. This greater control allows for quick roll-outs, instinctive saves, pinpoint accuracy with goal kicks, and precision ball distribution to make quicker breaks or playing down the clock easier.
• Over 100 hours of motion captured footage. Every aspect of player movement has been reworked, with more organic runs, turns, throw-ins, tackles, and interaction. The way players speed up and slow down is also more natural; while replays display elements of motion blur that bring your saved goals to vivid life.
• Tactics and Strategy: The PES Production team has implemented a 'Drag and Drop' mechanism that can be used in every aspect of team management, not just substitutions or formation changes. These settings are also animated to promote better understanding of the plays that have been altered.
• Feint Settings: The Game allows users to map key skills to a specific control area, making them available via the second stick or via specific button presses, making them more accessible than ever before. Master League Online: Master League will offer a real challenge, as users are invited to try their hand against other managers online. PES 2011 will mark the online debut for its much-loved Master League element, with players bidding against each other for the world's best players, and attempting to build a squad that can compete with the best against online peers all over the globe.

Requirements for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Patch 1.2

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 game

What is new in version 2012 Patch 1.2

Added in this version:
• Completed Serie B including player stats
• All 24 Npower Championship teams(23 are completed with stats, all 18 FL temas are completed)
• Added new 2nd Division Switch with
• Completed Bate Borisov and Apoel wit all players
• Added HD game-plan icon switch
• Added Cinematic Selector by cave as a switch

2nd Divisions avalibe and completed now:
• Npower Championship
• 2.Bundesliga
• Liga Adelante
• Serie Bwin (NEW)

Other Features:
• All teams licensed
• All transfers updated
• 31 teams in Champions League Mode
• New faces
• New Ballpack
• Original Sponsors
• New supporter banners for all teams
• Original Referee kits

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