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QuickEStore 8.6

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August 23, 2010
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Description of QuickEStore 8.6

Shopping cart software program
QuickEStore is a shopping cart software program written in Cold Fusion. If you need Cold Fusion hosting, we offer that, too. If you need a merchant account, we offer that, too. Basically, we provide everything you need to get started selling your product or service on the Internet. QuickEStore is simply the fastest, easiest way to set up a commerce website, bar none.

Set up your store in minutes. Collect customer and order information for manual settlement, or use one of these supported payment processors: AuthorizeNet (AIM), BluePay, VeriSign PayflowLink, VeriSign PayflowPro, LinkPoint, SkipJack, & PayPal.

Key features

• Eight "one-click" storefront wizards
• Our shopping cart software has inventory management & reporting!
• Our shopping cart software is open source
• Built-in integration with the leading payment gateways and merchant accounts: AuthorizeNet (AIM), VeriSign (Now PayPal) PayflowLink & PayflowPro), BluePay, LinkPoint, SkipJack and PayPal
• Microsoft SQL, MySQL or Access back end
• Our shopping cart software comes with 1 full year of upgrades
• Easily add & edit products
• Our shopping cart software has multiple state sales tax capability
• Our shopping cart software has fully customizable shipping
• "Easy upload" product picture feature
• Installs in minutes!

Requirements for QuickEStore 8.6

• Cold Fusion 7.0 +

Editor's review for QuickEStore

If you've been involved in looking at the internet as a source of income or even considered it in the past you've most likely come across any number of stories where people have developed an effective business for themselves through the use of an e-commerce website, selling or even re-selling products or services in order to generate revenue from any number of consumers around the world. While this is truly a highly profitable way to go about running a business, at the same time, it can be quite complicated to begin, needing a complex website system able to list all items available, process payments, handle promotional deals and track customers on a regular basis.

Thankfully, for many aspiring online entrepreneurs, this major hurdle along the way no longer has to be a daunting task to overcome thanks to the QuickEStore. Developed with both consumers and sellers in mind, the QuickEStore is one of the simplest, most effective e-business scripts available on the market today to help bring business-oriented individuals and consumers together and help everyone involved benefit in the process.

Boasting both a complex and visually appealing consumer page as well as highly detailed admin panel able to handle a large number of different tasks, the QuickEStore allows for not only the easy listing of products or services for sale but can even easily attribute pictures to listed items, post detailed descriptions and reviews, handle payment processing through virtually all well-known payment processors and even allow the administrator to quickly and easily designate sales and promotional coupon codes able to give discounts to set prices, reduce overall prices by a certain amounts and even handle reductions based upon percentages rather than pure set numbers.

For a consumer, the QuickEStore has many benefits as well, allowing for customers to create personalized user accounts that can store all of their personal information for both billing and shipping purposes and track their orders as they both are processed by the company and shipped out to them. This has long been a proven way to bolster overall sales by many e-commerce websites and help ensure repeat business time and time again, meaning more revenue with less out of pocket expenses for you as the business owner.

For those curious about just how the QuickEStore operates a fully function demo website and admin panel is also available for trial purposes. Simply visit the demo website or designated admin link, log in with the provided information and see what the QuickEStore can mean to you as an aspiring e-commerce professional.

Just remember that in today's internet-savvy world the longer you wait to act on your idea for whatever e-commerce store you may wish to run the more likely it is that someone else will step in and offer the same product or better before you so, establishing themselves on the market and stealing customers that would have been yours if you delay to act.

That said, check out the QuickEStore and what it can bring to you and your e-commerce dreams today, before someone else beats you to the punch.

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