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Description of SKTools

Powerfull maintenance toolkit
SKTools is a powerfull maintenance toolkit. Cleaning the registry and the file system, FreeUP RAM, other methods of system maintenance and much more...

• Clear temporary and cache folders such as IE contents, IE history, Mail attachments, Terminal Server client cache, Opera cache, NetFront cache and custom user folders

Find and delete:
• temporary, empty and absolete files
• bad registry keys and values
• empty registry keys
• bad shortcuts
• duplicate shortcuts
• duplicate notify queue entry/entries
• bad uninstall info
• files depending on their size or/and names (wipe optional)
• duplicate files (search by the name,size,crc)
• MS Reader bookmarks (taking into account the bookmark's in-use/not-in-use status)
• empty folders
• past appointments
• Delete PIE history (registry)

Built-in Uninstaller:
• Show the list of the installed programs including their size and date
• Show the list of files and registry keys of the installed programs
• Uninstall program
• Save the installed programs list to a text file

• This option can free up 50K-2M of RAM
• Send hibernation message
• Compact Heaps (WM5 only)
• Imitate the "memory low" situation
• Close tasks
• Scheduler for silent background start
• FreeUP RAM Service New!
• System tweaks:
• more than 90 tweaks in 13 categories

Registry Explorer :
• Browse registry
• View keys and values
• Delete keys and values
• Create new keys
• Create/Modify values (REG_SZ, REG_MULTI_SZ, REG_BINARY, REG_DWORD)
• Export (Unicode REGEDIT5)
• Import (Unicode REGEDIT5, REGEDIT4)
• Backup/restore
• Search
• CABs Manager and CABInstl (New!):
• View and manage CAB, CPF and TSK files on device
• Show content (files, registry, shortcuts) of CAB, CPF and TSK files
• Files extraction
• Installation ("standard" and "by SKTools") from CAB files
• "Installer" - one executable file from multiple CAB files, registry data, folders and files

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