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Spiffy 0.6.0

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March 25, 2013
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Description of Spiffy 0.6.0

Free Gmail notifier. Totally customizable
Spiffy is a Gmail notifier for Windows, it's free and totally customizable. All you have to do is download it and run it. Actually there's no installation required, just save "spiffy.exe" in any directory and run it!

Settings are saved in the same location Spiffy is started from (spiffy.cfg).

Key features

• Check up to 5 accounts at the same time (inbox or custom label)
• Supports free Gmail and Google Apps mail
• Tray popup alerts on new e-mail (optional)
• Tray icon change on new e-mail (optional)
• Sound alert on new e-mail (optional, mp3, wav)
• Set custom 'check for mail' interval (all accounts)
• Show alerts once or until read in Gmail
• Tell Me Again feature for missed alerts
• Use your own alert backgrounds (or edit default)
• Customize interface, tray icons and more!
• Proxy support (supports authentication)
• Runs in System Tray
• Autostart & Hide options
• Works from USB drive

Requirements for Spiffy 0.6.0

.NET Framework 2.0

Editor's review for Spiffy

Gmail often claims that as an email service, it is able to identify users’ needs before they know them, but for those who want a little more convenience and tailored service, the Spiffy application may be the last piece of the puzzle. Spiffy in short is a Gmail notifier built with compatibility for Windows and not only is a free application, but is customizable so that you can match it to fit your needs.

One of the perks of the Spiffy application is that it allows you to link up to five different accounts to it that can be from either the Gmail service itself or from Google Apps mail. Once you link up your email accounts, then it is up to the user to set perimeters for the customized interface which is easy to use and can be enabled to hold as many icons, alerts, and tools as you feel necessary.

With unique add-ins such as the ‘tell me again’ feature that enables you to remind yourself of items you may miss and proxy support so that you never have to worry about a missing link preventing you from receiving an important email on time, the Spiffy application has everything to need to make sure that your email experience is well, nothing short of spiffy.

The only requirements for the Spiffy application are that you have a Windows operating system, a Gmail account, and Net Framework 2.0 on your computer, which almost every PC comes built with. After that, the easy no installation required app is ready to help you see your way through your email on an instant basis so you never miss a thing, even while not logged in.

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