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Springboard 1.03

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Date updated
November 17, 2011
Six Mile Creek Systems | (more products)
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Description of Springboard 1.03

Edit movies story boards with ease
Springboard is a fast, light, easy-to-use Windows application for easily and quickly sketching and annotating storyboards for film, video, animation, or other dynamic media. Storyboarding helps you see what your movie will look like before you shoot. This saves you time and lets you explore more options before you commit your choices to film.

Springboard preserves the simplicity of pencil and paper, plus all the flexibility and power of digital media: perfect erasing, copy-and-paste, easy backups, overlays, sound and timing, exporting directly to video and the Web, and much more.

Key features

• When you create a new file, you can immediately start drawing storyboard frames.
• Enter text below each frame.
• Add new frames with a keystroke.
• Organize and reorder frames in an outline view with drag-and-drop.
• Use color-coded overlay layers for different kinds of information, like camera motion and character motion.
• Set timing for each frame either numerically or by recording durations interactively.
• Move, resize, rotate, and fade layers to create simple animation within frames.
• Record animation and frame timing interactively, for rapidly adding movement to your animatics.
• Record or import sounds - dialogue, narration, sound effects, music, etc. Tweak and edit them simultaneously in any sound editor.
• Play back your storyboard as an animation in real time, including sounds, fade transitions and smooth camera moves.
• Print your storyboard and text in a wide variety of customizable formats.
• Supports large projects - feature films and longer.
• Export to a Web page, sequenced images, or a standalone movie file.

Springboard video preview

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Editor's review for Springboard

Ever wonder how people manage to create their own independent films or even something as clever and simple as fun comical videos? Chances are they have some type of annotating software such as Springboard software that allows them to quickly sketch out or annotate stories into video, film, or animation. With an easy user interface, and many additional perks and features that allow you to make a storyboard that is equally as simple or as complicated as you wish, the Springboard software is a great way to get started on your first home video project.

The basic premise of Springboard is to act as a vehicle that allows you to plan out and organize your story in a visual format. If you have never spent any time creating a storyboard before the basic idea is to shoot out a movie into short windows that allow you to view what your film will look like before it is actually filmed.

This not only helps you to expedite the filming process as you will have a clear idea of what you want before you begin, but it also lets you tentatively explore your options before you actually commit to any solid filming choices.

Using Springboard is simple due to the fact that it offers you the same ease as the old days when storyboards were created using pencil and paper, but combines the raw paper image into a powerful form of digital media, which in return allows you a much greater deal of flexibility.

With copy and paste features, erasing, overlays, backups, and the ability to time your frames as you wish, and even edit in sound, you can easily launch your storyboard onto the web or send it directly into video format as you like, for previewing purposes, enhancing your final result. After all, it is very unlikely that your paper storyboard will ever jump into full animated life, but with Springboard it can.

Although Springboard is easy enough that all amateur cinematographers can make use of it, it is still written in a professional manner, with fluid direction which allows you to keep a much better focus on your goals and what you are doing. With this in mind, it makes a great tool for those who want to work on home video projects, shorts, multimedia presentations, and even a great place to bring comics to life.

Springboard application may change your mind about the difficulties of producing films. With the ability to zoom, print, overlay, customize, animate and calculate the effect of different camera shooting angles, Springboard lets you take your film from an idea to reality and even print out the guidelines you produce at any point during the process.

What is new in version 1.03

A small release to fix these bugs:
• Licensing problem when Springboard is shared by many users on a single computer. Now the license is correctly picked up by other users after an administrator installs and licenses the product.
• Runs out of memory under 64-bit Windows 7 with more than 4 GB of memory. Now correctly understands the size of memory and scales its use accordingly.

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