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Multimedia and Design - Image Editing

Stereomerger 1.146

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October 27, 2011
Geir Oeyvind Vaelidalo | (more products)
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Description of Stereomerger 1.146

3D-photo viewer, editor and batch-processor
Stereomerger is a 3D-photo viewer, editor and batch processor. With Stereomerger you can:
• View and convert Stereo JPEG- and MPO-files
• Transfer the images from your camera(s)
• Automatically find the matching stereo pairs you have taken
• Merge files together to create stereo-files
• Adjust the stereo window, colors, brightness, lens-distortion
• Add frames, text, effects
• Remove noise, sharpen the image, soften the image,
• Convert them to which ever format you like
• Create wonderful prints
• And much more

Editor's review for Stereomerger

First there were no maps, the Earth was considered to be square. Then there were explorations and maps, and Earth was declared to be round. In cinematography, first there was still photography, and then came the moving pictures without sound, and then the movies with stereoscopic and stereo sound. Today, there are software to download images from digital cameras onto the computer and load them on the CDs. Taking prints of these downloaded pictures is fast and cheap.

The software helped to retain pictures on your PC and could be accessed as and when wanted. But do note that there is a need to realign the hue and color of the pictures to get a better print. However, there are many bugs in software rampant online which made it difficult and in some cases, even impossible to do these adjustments.

No more will the digital imaging be difficult. With Stereomerger which has been developed, you can achieve the desired results with ease. Stereomerger is a 3D photo viewer, imager and batch processor. The Stereomerger is a multiplatform application based on the Java program and works on both Mac and Windows. It has been found to work on Linux though not designed specifically for it. The Stereomerger was the need of the hour which is also an automated stereo compatible application.

The Stereomerger is also multilingual and with the grace of Google Translate, it can support myriad languages including English, Norwegian, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The Stereomerger has provided the facility of automatically adjusting the stereo window thus reducing the strain on the eyes. In the Stereomerger, by merely clicking the ‘G’ key on the keyboard, there is perfect alignment of the image and can be used to optimally align problems in the W1 images.

Even if the hue of the images is not to your liking, there is no need to be jumpy. The Stereomerger has the capability to adjust the color differences automatically between the two images. All that is to be done is to click on the ‘H’ key. These features are available on the scripting engine which is the very core of Stereomerger and they are relatively easy to operate. Through myriad powerful filters and effects, the Stereomerger offers multiple and unlimited automatic image processing possibilities. The best part is that these scripts can be stored and reused perpetually as well as shared among friends and colleagues.

Happy Stereomerging!

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