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TagScanner 5.1.668

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November 16, 2015
Sergey Serkov | (more products)
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Description of TagScanner 5.1.668

Organize and manage your music collection
TagScanner is a multifunction program for organizing and managing your music collection. It can edit tags of mostly state-of-the-art audio formats, rename files based on the tag information, generate tag information from filenames, and perform any transformations of the text from tags and filenames.

Also you may get album info via online databases like freedb or Amazon. Supports ID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, WindowsMedia and MP4(iTunes) tags. Powerful TAG editor with batch functions and special features.

Playlist maker with ability to export playlists to HTML or Excel. Easy-to-use interface. Built-in player.

Key features

• Rename files based on the tag and file information
• Powerful multiple files tag editor
• Import tag information from an online databases like freedb or Amazon
• Manual text-search for information in freedb
• Generate tag information from file/foldernames
• Tag fields formatting and rearrangement
• Words replacement and case conversion from tags and filenames
• Supports MP3, OGG, Musepack, Monkey's Audio, FLAC, AAC, OptimFROG, SPEEX, WavePack, TrueAudio, WMA, MP4 files
• Supports ID3 1.0/1.1/2.2/2.3/2.4 tags, APE v1 and v2 tags, Vorbis Comments, WMA tags and MP4(iTunes) metadata
• Supports for embedded lyrics and cover art
• TAGs versions conversions
• Quick playlists creation
• Export information to HTML, XML CSV or any user-defined format
• Full support for Unicode
• Multilanguage interface
• Built-in multiformat player

Editor's review for TagScanner

With more and more media becoming available at our fingertips each and every time, it can sometimes be difficult to successfully track and utilize the massive amounts that we can accumulate over time. Being available for download from the internet or left on our machine from any other media sounds (including backing up you own CDs and DVDs on your computer's hard disk through a ripping program built in to most players today), tracking individual media files and organizing them for reference and use can be a difficult task at best for many people.

Regardless of the format, be it .mp3, .mp4, ID3v1, ID3v2, WindowsMedia, APEv2 or Vorbis comments, it can access embedded information found within each file and set specific parameters for each file's reading and playback. This means that your system becomes more and more fully automated on a number of different levels in terms of sorting for any specific information (such as author, genre, playlist, or any other variable in between) to make your locating and enjoyment of media easier than ever while at the same time allowing you to directly add or modify your media tags to truly make them unique to you - even renaming files as necessary to match specific tags in order to maximize your computer's library to its fullest extent.

This software helps take things one step further by not only allowing you to organize your media but also generate playlists that can be exported and shared with any device, meaning both your personal portable devices as well as your friends can view your ideal combination of music or videos based upon your own specifications. With added support for embedded lyrics and album cover art media can become a fully optimized for sharing or personal use, being able to be utilized by virtually all media players available on the market today or through its own built-in media player capable of handling virtually all primary media formats quickly and effectively.

When combined with the fact that the entire system can operate on a multiple-language base and be downloaded free of charge for personal use on any computer it is truly one of the most versatile and effective media platforms available on the market today.

Download it now to find out for yourself what it can do for both you and your personal media collection, helping you realize greater organization and ease of access to all of your media files no matter what your favorite viewing or listening method may be across any number of popular devices available to date.

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