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TinyWall 2.0.1

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June 29, 2012
Karoly Pados | (more products)
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Description of TinyWall 2.0.1

A non-intrusive firewall solution theat protects your PC
Designed to harden and control the advanced firewall built into Windows, TinyWall includes a combination of features that sets it apart from both commercial and freeware firewalls. TinyWall does not display popups that "urge users to allow". In fact, it will not notify you of any blocked action. Rather than displaying popups, TinyWall allows users to whitelist or unblock programs via various methods. For example, you can just initiate whitelisting by a hotkey, then click on a window that you want to allow.

Or, you can select an application from the list of running processes. (Of course, the traditional way of selecting an executable also works.) Due to this approach, popups are avoided yet the firewall remains easy to operate. It will also limit the list of unblocked programs to those that the user really needs, which is optimal from a security standpoint.

TinyWall gives Windows Firewall a sane and secure configuration and presents you with a simple interface where you can easily define what has network access and what not, while preventing other programs from modifing or overwriting your firewall settings. NOTE: After installation TinyWall blocks all communications.

To use the Internet or network-enabled applications, select one of the "Whitelist by ..." options in the tray menu to unblock specific programs.

Key features

• Non-intrusive operation: TinyWall lets you work while protecting you. No annoying popups and simple configuration.
• Lightweight: Using the advanced Windows Firewall built into newer Windows versions, TinyWall's performance impact is neglible.
• More than just a controller: Password lock, firewall tinkering protection and built-in tight firewall rules make TinyWall secure.
• Safe operation: No drivers or kernel-components are installed, which keeps your system stable.
• Convenient: Firewall modes and lots of other convenience features make TinyWall extremely easy to use for anybody.

Requirements for TinyWall 2.0.1

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1

What is new in version 2.0.1

• Added Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese translations, fixes to French translation.
• Fix: Sporadic communication errors between TinyWall's controller and service.
• Fix: License file does not open from the settings window.
• Updated application database

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