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Tongits 1.0.6

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Date updated
October 11, 2010
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Description of Tongits 1.0.6

A popular Filipino rummy card game
Tongits is a popular Filipino rummy card game. Originating in the northern Philippines, the game was brought to the United States in the mid-90's and was quickly adopted on college campuses.Anyone familiar with other rummy games such as Gin Rummy or Mah Jhong can easily learn to play Tongits. It is a fun, fast moving game.

Tongits encourages players to work together, but at the end the winner takes all.

Key features

• Drag & Drop Interface. The game feels like the real thing with its intuitive drag & drop interface.
• Realistic And Challenging AI. The computers play like live human tongits players.
• Innovative Way of Organizing Cards. Just like in the real game, you are free to group and organize cards in any way you like. This significantly improves your planning and strategy.
• Betting Simulation. Betting enhances the realistic feel of the game. It adds excitement and suspense and gives the player a sense of accomplishment and progress.
• Game Saving. The game is automatically saved after each round to preserve the precious progress you have made.
• Statistics. Relevant game statistics such as number of wins and money won, are saved for each player.
• Clear Card Images. The cards were designed to be easy to read and identify. This helps you easily spot important cards that you might need to win the game.
• A Solid Trainer. If you are a professional Tongits player, the game can supplement your training. And with the high level AI, you won't need human opponents to practice with.
• Continuous Development. The game is continuously being developed and improved to further enhance the player's experience.

Requirements for Tongits 1.0.6

Adobe Air

Editor's review for Tongits

Originating in the Philippines and popularized on US college campuses, Tongits is an addicting form of rummy that is both challenging and rewarding for many players around the world. Able to be played both casually and for profits, Tongits offers a number of both benefits and challenges to new and experienced players alike, helping to bring in new players each and every year and keep people hooked for hours on end.

Looking to offer the joy of Tongits to all rather than simply restricting it to real-life players the computer version of Tongits was born. Providing a challenging computer AI and realistic simulation of game play, Tongits allows new players to easily get into the game while experienced players can improve upon their existing skills and try their luck against one of the best Tongits artificial intelligences developed to date. This is especially important for many wishing to make a profit from Tongits playing, with the Tongits computer game allowing for realistic short- and long-term tracking of virtual currency within the game to see just how effective you may be should you wish to put real money on the line.

While it's true that the graphical interface of the Tongits game may leave a bit to desire the direction of it is clean and clear. Designed to allow for quick, easy recognition of cards being played in order to reduce the amount of strain generated from simply trying to determine what is going on, the Tongits game allows full flexibility in terms of how you will organize your hand and arrange your plays well before time as well. This is especially important for developing strategies for use later down the line and can be achieved (as with all other aspects of the game) through a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly and effectively manage their plays from start to finish.

As an added bonus the built-in trainer is more than helpful in not only assisting new players get started with the game but existing serious players brush up on their skills and develop their strategies to the fullest in a virtual environment before venturing into the real world and putting their money at risk.

In short, whether you're an avid card game enthusiast or simply want to try something new that is taking the world by storm there's never been a better time to get a copy of Tongits the computer game for yourself and join in the fun.

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