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VSCP 0.3.0

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March 30, 2011
Ake Hedman | (more products)
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Description of VSCP 0.3.0

A very simple and free protocol for automation tasks
VSCP is a very simple and free protocol for automation tasks. The protocol is so easy that everyone can grasp the idea behind it in a few minutes but still complex enough to handle serious tasks. It is very easy to construct and use VSCP aware modules and components. A lot of examples is available on this site that will get you started fast. When you're done coding nodes just start up and then serve the control solution reliable and stable for ever and ever and ever.....

VSCP really consist of three parts. VSCP - The Very Simple Control Protocol and related specification, software and firmware. OHAS - Open Home Automation Server which is web related tools for home automation on top of VSCP. CANAL - CAN abstraction layer the low level driver interface used by VSCP.

The VSCP protocol is free to use and implement just as all code and examples. It is not designed to conquer the world and every home, it is constructed just because its fun to make tiny little things work together.

Editor's review for VSCP

As computers have evolved they have become more and more complicated to use, as a result it can be nearly impossible to manage or modify even simple tasks that may be happening on your computer. Fortunately there are specific ways to control or monitor the various parts of a computer if you have the right software. This is where the VSCP protocol comes into place. VSCP stands for Very Simple Command Protocol and as the name implies it is very easy to use when compared with more traditional protocols.

Despite the ease of use included with VSCP protocol the power and function of VSCP protocol is still very obvious. VSCP protocol can be used to control, monitor, modify or do basically anything you want when it comes to computers. By properly connecting VSCP protocol to the specific functions you wish to control it becomes possible to control basically anything imagine able.

Obviously the biggest benefit of VSCP protocol is the simplicity of use. There is no complicated coding or any huge banks of data to read through; everything is displayed in a logical and simple location that will be easy to find. Following the simplicity of VSCP protocol is the usefulness. Often it is difficult to integrate specific hardware or programs because the protocols simply do not work; VSCP protocol can and will resolve all of these issues with just a few mouse clicks.

Given the functionality and ease of use it would make sense for VSCP protocol to be quite an expensive program; surprisingly it isn’t. VSCP protocol is and always has been a public domain protocol which means it is free to use. Not only is VSCP protocol free to use, download and distribute, VSCP protocol can be modified to fit your specific needs if for some reason the original version doesn’t accomplish what you need.

Overall there really isn’t much that can compete with VSCP protocol. VSCP protocol is just so easy to use and so useful that it is almost impossible for anything to be any better. Bundle the usefulness and function with the price and there is absolutely no way anything could be better at what it does than the VSCP protocol.

If you’re looking for a protocol system that does everything you need VSCP protocol is the best option for you.

What is new in version 0.3.0

• A new TCP/IP based VSCP Driver model in place. A very good diagnostic tool with many features.
• A Level II logger driver in place.
• A Level II bluetooth proximity driver in place. Detect bluetooth devices coming in and going out of a zone.
• A Level II raw ethernet driver in place. Very low cost ethernet devices can be used that does not need a TCP/IP stack. The nodes can be fully plug and play and use PoE. Just insert a tempdevice into an ethernet socket and it will work right away without any configuration.
• The internal decision matrix of the daemon is now fully functional. Complex control scenarios can be set up.

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by Oscar Nils on February 28th 2011, 09:29
Best home automation package available.

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