iTunes Controller 2 2.9

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January 22, 2011
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Description of iTunes Controller 2 2.9

Compact iTunes commands control
iTunes Controller is an application that stays in your menu bar next to your clock and controls your iTune player with just one click. It is really addictive. When start playing or click to play next track, small comfortable popup window appears so you can preview the track title, artist or cycle trough whole play list fast via two small buttons “Next” and “Prev” buttons.

Key features

• the skinned mini player makes your life easier and beautiful with great visualization and useful controls
• supports 3th party skins (user created)
• can be set up to play only rated tracks
• can find pictures of the currently playing artist
• can find the lyrics of the current song
• it’s there only when you need it and always when you need it, next to your clock at the top right corner
• the shutdown timer makes the music stops at the right time
• rate the song with one click
• great second visualization makes the music not just to sounds but to be seen
• no need to pass all the way to your music folder thru the Finder, folder by folder to load more songs, open it with just one click!
• mini bar player gives you all the space of your desktop you need without losing control of your music
• mini player follows you on all spaces so you can control your music anytime!

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